Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

lash extensions

You’ve just invested in a luscious set of eyelash extensions, bidding farewell to mascara application woes. But a lingering question whispers in your mind: can you still use mascara with these beauties? Fear not, lash lovers, for this blog post unveils the mascara mystery surrounding extensions!

The Short Answer: Yes, you can put mascara on eyelash extensions, but with a few caveats:

Mascara Must-Haves:

Mascara Magic Tips:

Bonus Tip: Consider clear mascara! It adds definition and shine without the risk of clumping or weighing down your extensions.

When to Say No to Mascara:

The Bottom Line: Mascara and eyelash extensions can coexist beautifully, as long as you choose the right formulas, apply them gently, and listen to your lashes. Remember, healthy extensions are happy extensions, so treat them with care!

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